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© 2019 Paid for by Kelvin Brown for DC Council Ward 7. Kelvin Brown Treasurer, 3645 Austin Street SE. A copy of the campaign report is on file with the Director, Campaign Finance for the District of Columbia. 



Courage, integrity, leadership and perseverance are just a few key words that describe Kelvin and his leadership style. Kelvin was primarily raised by his mother in a home with his four brothers. His family’s unwavering love and beliefs in a prosperous future provided the foundation for what would become the backdrop of Kelvin’s future. The deeply rooted values instilled in him at a young age by his family and community propelled Kelvin to be greater and to serve those less fortunate than himself.


Kelvin joined the US Army at the age of 17 years old and continued to work hard to put himself through college by earning a presidential college scholarship to attend Alabama State University. After working his way through college on scholarships and student loans, Kelvin was deployed to Fort Benning, Georgia, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Through this experience Kelvin learned how to be a leader, what integrity means and what it means to serve. Kelvin understands the importance of exercising his civic responsibilities, serving his fellow citizens, the meaning of being an American, and the importance of living his life with a purpose to help bring needed changes in the world.

Once leaving the US Armed Forces after eight years of service as a Sergeant, Kelvin redirected his focus back to education and completed not only his bachelor’s degree but also his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. With this triumph, Kelvin became the first member of his family to graduate from college, while working in the school systems to give back to students with similarly disadvantaged backgrounds as his own.


Seeking more professional growth, Kelvin moved from Georgia to the Washington DC area to pursue new business ventures. Since moving to Washington DC, Kelvin has made serving this community a priority. He volunteers at local soup kitchens to feed the homeless and hungry, he frequently assists with building low income and affordable homes in this community, and he works with returning war veterans on finding homes, food, and stable work.


Through his trials, tribulations, wins, and falls, Kelvin has been a champion for the people, and he has never forgotten the family members, friends, teachers, and colleagues that have played a critical role in his maturation as a man and leader.